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90 Minute Feature Films


These gripping films are based on the internationally acclaimed Karl Alberg mystery novels, by Edgar Award winning novelist L.R. Wright, set on the stunningly beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.  ALBERG reimagines the ground-breaking crime stories for the 2020s, bringing classic tropes and characters into a vibrantly contemporary context.



“From acclaimed writer director Marie Clements”

Brothers McLean is a six-part Indigenous Western miniseries that follows the mixed-race MacLean brothers as they ignite a new brand of personal justice on 1879 British Columbia. Born from the violence of colonialism the Brothers Maclean create a long overdue kill-list after their beloved sister Annie is raped by local businessman, John Mara. Naming names and taking prisoners, the Brothers McLean kill likeable Constable Johnny Usher in cold blood. It’s as if this cruel misdeed spirals them further from their mischievous antics of stealing horses, cattle, and guns, towards actualizing a blood pact and trying to ignite an Indian uprising with local Chiefs in the Kamloops territory. When Chief Johnny options for a more diplomatic way of dealing with the White man problem, the Brothers MacLean are on their own exacting a vengeance that has been brewing since they were born. Now, holed up in a cabin with a hundred strong posse surrounding them, the Brothers Mclean surrender to the coldest winter on earth - to starvation and dehydration, and to a law that has always wanted them dead. The Brothers Maclean are sent to trial in New Westminster where they are incarcerated, becoming the youngest men hanged in Canadian history. 



The Animated Adventures

The Beachcombers was the most successful drama series in the history of Canadian television. This evocative family half-hour entertained audiences around the world for over 30 years and 350 half-hour episodes. It’s time to bring this iconic show, with all its adventure, warmth, and gentle humour, to a new audience using state-of-the-art animation.

Animation is the fresh canvas of our time. The Beachcombers can now be reimagined by using the dreamscape of animation to explore exciting new story possibilities while remaining true to the values of the timeless original.

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